Fast with QR codes

As the perfect complement to Inventory ONE, we also offer you suitable QR codes. Whether you are creating a new inventory or retrieving data: These QR codes will save you even more time in your daily work with Inventory ONE.

  • waterproof
  • Extremely robust
  • uncomplicated
QR codes
QR codes
The perfect complement

Even faster thanks to QR codes

To quickly call up your inventory data or create new data, you can also simply add the QR codes from Inventory ONE to the individual items of equipment. A QR code can be scanned by anyone in your team. No additional hardware or an extended version of the software is required. A camera on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer is all you need.

The QR code stickers from Inventory ONE are very robust and have already proven themselves many times over in everyday work with inventory. They are oil, chemical and UV-resistant and waterproof. They are also resistant to disinfectants. Even extreme temperatures of up to +150°C or -40°C do not harm them.


With Inventory ONE, you can also process existing barcodes on your inventory.
And other procedures

The best solution

Various methods such as NFC, RFID and Bluetooth tags were tested during the development of Inventory ONE. In the end, our experts opted for QR codes because this simple technology was the most convincing.

On the one hand, QR codes are less error-prone than those with an electronic tag. On the other hand, they are a very cost-effective solution that does not require any costly modifications to the inventory. However, if a QR code sticker breaks or becomes too dirty, all you need is a new sticker.

QR codes

Sizes & Prices

Inventory ONE offers three QR code sizes:
Small: 25 mm x 13 mm
Medium: 40 mm x 22 mm
Large: 72 mm x 42 mm

The price is the same for all sizes.

50 QR codes


100 QR codes


F.A.Q. about our QR codes

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How to order QR codes

QR codes can be ordered via your inventory-one account. After logging in, go to the "QR codes" page under Settings (gear wheel top right). On this page, you can order the high-quality barcodes in the desired dimensions for a print run.