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With its inventory app, Inventory ONE offers a practical solution for the efficient management of your inventory - ideal for companies, businesses, schools and clubs. Our user-friendly app enables simple and clear management, helping you to save time and money. Experience a new dimension of device management with Inventory ONE.

The inventory management app displayed on three smartphones
The inventory management app displayed on a smartphone
Digitally sophisticated

Save time and costs

Would you like to digitize your inventory and consumables and achieve maximum transparency? Then our inventory app is the perfect solution! The clear display takes a lot of work off your hands so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Our sophisticated and intelligent app helps you to avoid mistakes during planning and maintenance and to keep an eye on important dates. With the reminder function, you won't forget anything. The Inventory ONE inventory app is available digitally anytime and anywhere, is user-friendly and saves time - a real relief in your day-to-day work.

Thanks to our innovative inventory app, you can sustainably reduce the administrative effort for your inventory and thus save considerable costs.

Fast and uncomplicated

Smart inventory app

If you find it difficult to keep track of your inventory and consumables, the Inventory ONE inventory app can be extremely useful. It includes sophisticated and proven functions that make managing your inventory much easier. With the optional use of QR codes, you can call up important information immediately and carry out necessary actions quickly and easily from anywhere and at any time.

Our inventory app also offers a user-friendly interface and easily accessible customer service to ensure that you always receive the best possible support. Experience an innovative way of inventory management with the Inventory ONE app and increase the efficiency of your company.

The inventory management app displayed on a smartphone
One app for all

Welcome to the future!

For small craft businesses or large construction companies. For schools or local authorities. For companies in building cleaning or catering businesses. Our inventory app is there for everyone and puts an end to tedious paperwork. This leaves more time for the essentials. Welcome to the future of inventory management!

Practical functions: efficient and simple

The ideal inventory app

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The inventory management app displayed on a smartphone
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Independent, secure, expandable, ...

Many other advantages

Our inventory app can be used to manage more than just inventory in the form of devices or tools. Operating resources such as vehicles can also be perfectly organized.
Do you have special requirements and want a digital inventory that is precisely tailored to your work processes? That is possible. Our experts are sure to find a solution.
Inventory ONE can be used with all common browsers. An app solution that is independent of the browser is also available: For Android and iOS.
Your data is stored exclusively in German data centers. The data is processed in accordance with the GDPR requirements. Read more in the privacy policy.
Through regular feedback from Inventory ONE customers, the application is continuously optimized and adapted to the requirements of your daily work. Of course, you can also pass on your wishes and ideas to us. The goal of Inventory ONE is to make your digital inventory even better.
Have you already looked into digital inventory and researched solutions? Then you will have noticed: Inventory ONE is amazingly affordable. Especially when you consider all the features you get as a team. 
The Inventory ONE inventory app gives you maximum independence. With our application, you are not tied to one location or device. With a smartphone or tablet, you have access to the entire management of your inventory anywhere and at any time.
The Inventory ONE application is not only very helpful in everyday work, it is also clear and easy to use. It does not require any prior knowledge, nor does it require a long training period. Inventory ONE is uncomplicated and self-explanatory.
As a digital application, you can use Inventory ONE with any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. No special hardware requirements are needed. You can use Inventory ONE via any standard browser. All you need is a connection to the Internet.
mobile optimized
Experience has shown that the best place to manage inventory is not always the desk in the office. On-site use in the warehouse, at meetings or on the move is often extremely helpful. That's why Inventory ONE is of course also optimized for mobile devices. With our solution, you can manage your inventory perfectly even on small devices.
The inventory management app displayed on five smartphones
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A great application. After my first login, I was amazed at how many helpful, well thought-out functions are available for less than EUR 100 per month. Inventory ONE is definitely a worthwhile investment. Top!

Helmut Nickel

Easy to operate! Giving employees responsibility for their own machines is well received!

Stefan Seethaler

The speed of QR code scanning is great. The app is very clear and easy to use. The app was accepted very quickly and is being used. A great relief for our warehouse staff!

Danny Lemke

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Already over 4,000 users

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