March 15, 2024

Inventory for craft businesses

In the dynamic world of the building trade, the management of resources and tools is a key aspect that determines the success and efficiency of a business. Regular stocktaking plays a crucial role in this. It not only helps to keep track of available materials and tools, but is also a necessity from a legal perspective. In this article, we shed light on the importance of stocktaking in craft businesses, particularly in the building trade, and present how digital tool management and inventory systems such as Inventory ONE can significantly simplify this process.

Inventory basics

Definition and objectives of the inventory

Inventory is a systematic process for recording and valuing all of a company's assets and liabilities at a specific point in time. In the building trade, this typically includes tools, machinery, materials and partially completed buildings. The aim is to create an accurate inventory, which is essential for accounting, cost control and planning.

Legal basis and obligations

According to the German Commercial Code (HGB), all commercially managed companies in Germany are obliged to carry out an annual inventory. This serves the purpose of transparency and ensures that the bookkeeping reflects the actual circumstances of the company. For craft businesses, this means that they must check and document their physical inventories at least once a year.

Inventory challenges in the building trade

Special requirements for the building trade

The building trade poses particular challenges for inventory due to the variety of materials, tools and equipment that are often used on different construction sites. The mobility of resources and the need to maintain an overview even when on the move make accurate inventory management difficult.

Difficulties with the conventional inventory procedure

Traditional inventory methods are often time-consuming and labor-intensive. Counting and recording stock manually can lead to errors and take up valuable working time that could be used more productively elsewhere. There is also the challenge of keeping the data up to date and having access to it at all times.

Digital tool management & inventory

Digitalization offers innovative solutions for overcoming the challenges of stocktaking. Digital tool management and inventory systems enable efficient, accurate and time-saving recording of stocks. Using barcodes, RFID technology or mobile apps, materials and tools can be recorded quickly and entered into the system in real time. This leads to a significant reduction in errors and enables a permanent inventory in which the stock is continuously updated.

Introduction to Inventory ONE

Inventory ONE is an advanced software solution designed specifically for the needs of the building trade and other trades. It simplifies inventory by automating processes and offers users the ability to update or retrieve their inventory data anytime, anywhere - whether via a web browser or a mobile app. With Inventory ONE, businesses can make their stocktaking more efficient, save time and thus also reduce inventory management costs.

Implementation of the digital inventory solution

The introduction of Inventory ONE in a trade business, especially in the building trade, can be done in just a few steps. First, an inventory of existing resources is required, followed by setting up the system according to the specific needs of the business. Employees are trained in the use of the software, with particular attention paid to the mobile app to ensure seamless integration into everyday working life. The software allows inventory data to be imported, updated and managed, making the implementation phase efficient and straightforward.

Advantages of a continuous inventory with Inventory ONE

The use of Inventory ONE enables continuous, i.e. permanent, stocktaking. This has numerous advantages for trade businesses:

  • Saves time and increases efficiency: By automating data collection and management, significantly less time is required for inventory processes. Staff can concentrate on more productive activities.
  • Improved accuracy and transparency of inventories: Real-time updates ensure high data quality and reduce the risk of stock shortages. Decisions can be made on the basis of up-to-date information, which optimizes operational management.

Practical application of Inventory ONE

The practical application of Inventory ONE can be seen in various scenarios in the building trade. For example, staff on the construction site can check or update the stock of materials and tools with just a few clicks in the app. Incoming new deliveries or the consumption of materials are recorded directly in the system. This makes tracking easier and ensures complete documentation of stock levels. Inventory ONE also makes it easy to evaluate inventory data in order to identify trends and improve procurement planning.


Regular stocktaking is not only a legal obligation for craft businesses, but also a decisive factor for efficient business management. Faced with the challenges of conventional inventory methods, digitalization through solutions such as Inventory ONE offers a welcome alternative. These systems significantly simplify the inventory process, save time, reduce errors and offer unprecedented stock transparency. For companies in the building trade and other trades, Inventory ONE is therefore a valuable resource for increasing competitiveness and modernizing administration.

The advantages of Inventory ONE

We invite you to discover the benefits of Inventory ONE for yourself and revolutionize your inventory process. By implementing our software, you can not only save time and money, but also significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of your inventory management. Visit for more information or contact us directly to learn how Inventory ONE can meet your specific needs. Take the first step towards easier, faster and more accurate inventory with Inventory ONE.

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